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What video courses are currently available?

There are currently 11 lessons available on a variety of subjects related to the Jewish partisans:

  1. Resistance Basics
  2. Antisemitism in the Partisans
  3. Ethics of War
  4. Finding Leadership
  5. Living and Surviving in the Partisans
  6. Strengthening Jewish Pride
  7. Tactics of Resistance - Part 1
  8. Tactics of Resistance - Part 2
  9. Teaching with Defiance - Part 1
  10. Teaching with Defiance - Part 2
  11. Women in the Partisans

Are there more video courses planned?

Not at the moment, but we may produce more in future.  If you would like to suggest a new course, please email elearning@jewishpartisans.org.

What do I do if the video doesn't play?

If the video does not automatically start, try clicking the video Play button at the bottom of the video window once or twice. In some cases you may need to do this the the beginning of each new chapter. 

What do I do if the Notes window doesn't update?

In some cases the Notes window may not update with the video narration. Nothing else will be affected by this. You can still use the other E-Learning function, including navigating within a chapter by clicking on a note. 

How Are Course Credit Hours Calculated?

Course credit hour values are calculated through a combination of video length plus standard times for completing quizzes and reviewing materials for each course (classroom curricula and other supplementary materials found in the downloads section, as well as links to web pages, videos and partisan profiles from the notes window).

How much does it cost to take a course or get CEUs?

Nothing! JPEF E-Learning is free to educators, students and the general public worldwide, thanks to the kind generosity of our donors and supporters. CEUs are available for free as well through Torou College. See below for details.

What are the technical requirements for the site?

To access all the E-Learning functions we recommend downloading the latest version of your browser. JPEF E-Learning supports:

  • Google Chrome 
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Note: Firefox, Opera and Camino are not fully supported, most functions will still work (see below).

Mobile Devices

The following browsers and devices are supported:

  • Most pad devices, including iPad
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • Galaxy s5 and above
  • Pixel 2/2XL and above
  • Many other Android devices

If you have trouble with the video or notes window, please refer to the next questions for help.

Using Earlier/Unsupported Browsers and Devices
Don't worry. In most E-Learning functions should still work for you. See below for addressing some common issues with earlier browsers and devices. 

20-60 Minute
Videocourses With
Free CEUs

20-60 Minute
Videocourses With
Free CEUs


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