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Receive Free Continuing Education Credits

Receive Free Continuing Education Credits

E-learning success stories

E-learning success stories
E-Learning in Offline Life

Our E-Learning courses have helped countless students learn about complex issues such as ethics and revenge. Read first hand accounts ...

E-Learning lessons

E-Learning Courses at a glance

Engage and inspire your students by teaching about the 20-30,000 Jews who  fought back against the Nazis and their collaborators as Jewish partisans. Start here and you’ll be ready to teach a 15-60 minute class on Jewish armed and unarmed resistance within minutes of completing the course.
Grades: 6-12 and above  - can be used in classroom
Subjects: History, English, Social Studies, Holocaust/Genocide, Tolerance, Judaic Studies, etc.
Running Time: 46:14
Credit Hours: 1.25