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The RESIST! Curriculum

Engage and inspire your youth with these free, ready-to use materials for teaching History, Leadership, Ethics and Jewish Values through the life lessons of Jews who fought back during the Holocaust. Designed for 6th-12th grade History, English, Social Studies, Holocaust/Genocide and Jewish Studies classrooms and informal settings (youth groups, summer camps, etc.). Most materials can be completed in 45-60 minutes.


The Films page is made possible with the generous support of the Charatan and Holm Families.

Watch short documentary films narrated by Ed Asner, Tova Feldshuh, Larry King, and Liev Schreiber made from from a collection of 50 original interviews with surviving Jewish partisans shot all over the world.

Pictures of Resistance

Born in Poland in 1924, Faye Schulman received her first camera from her brother when she was 13. It was that camera which ultimately saved her life, and allowed her to later document Jewish partisan activity. She is one of the only known Jewish partisan photographers.

Schulman's rare collection of images captures the camaraderie, horror and loss, bravery and triumph of the rag-tag, tough partisan—some Jewish, some not—who fought the Germans and their collaborators.

Jewish Women in the Partisans

During World War II approximately thirty thousand Jews escaped ghettos and work camps and formed organized armed resistance groups to fight the Nazis. These groups were known as partisans. Despite the odds, women were able to join the partisans. Their work in the partisan camps ranged from domestic duties such as cleaning cooking and nursing, to reconnaissance, weapons transport, as well as armed combat. Women made up approximately 10% of the partisans.

About JPEF

Most people have never heard of the 20,000-30,000 Jews who fought back against the Nazis as Jewish partisans. These Jews were responsible for blowing up thousands of armored convoys and thwarting the Nazi war machine in countless ways, including rescuing people from the ghettos, procuring food and medicine, tending to wounded soldiers, sabotaging German communications and supply lines, punishing collaborators, sheltering civilians and saving thousands of Jewish lives.


The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF) inspires and educates young people around the world through the history and life lessons of the Jewish partisans. Hundreds of thousands of educators, institutions, and private citizens worldwide use JPEF materials, reaching over a million students since 2000. Read on for information about JPEF's programs and materials.

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