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How Do I Get My Certificate of Completion?

After you have completed at least one E-Learning course with a score of at least 80%, you will be able to download a printable certificate of completion. Click on the Your Certificate icon in the control panel near the top of the E-Learning main page or any course page.

The certificate lists which courses you have successfully completed, how many course credit hours they are worth, and how many CEUs (if any) you have earned. Participants should check with the appropriate institutional representative to verify applicability and transferability of credits.

How Do I Earn CEUs and Course Credit Hours?

JPEF offers free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through Touro College for successfully completing JPEF's online professional development courses.

Touro College is awarding 1 CEU for every 10 course credit hours of JPEF E-Learning coursework you complete with a quiz score of 80% or. Units are available in 1/2 CEU increments (5 credit-hours = 0.5 CEUs).

In many cases you will also be able to earn other professional development credits through your district or institution.  Talk to your administrator and show them your certificate of completion (see below) to see if you qualify.

Privacy Policy

Summary: What We Do With Your Data

JPEF does not share or sell any of your personal data with other parties, except for Torou College for the purposes of awarding continuing education units and credits. We do generate anonymous aggregate statistics for the purpose of letting our supporters, funders, and potential funders know what impact we are having. We also share non-anonymized reviews and feedback with our constituents and occasionally on our website.

We use your reviews, curricula downloads and E-Learning user data  for site maintenance, and to evaluate how to improve our offerings. Creating an account will also add you to our email list. Hopefully you will find the information we occasionally send out useful, but you can always email elearning@jewishpartisans.org to unsubscribe. 

More information can be found in our forthcoming Terms of Use and Privacy policy document. 

What if another user adds inappropriate content or a cyber risk?

Though we do our best to keep track of what users post to the Reviews, Community and Downloads sections, JPEF can not, of course, guarantee the appropriateness or safety of everything other users add. 

If you see anything on our website that could be inappropriate or a security risk, please email elearning@jewishpartisans.org to let us know. Thank you.

Terms of Use

JPEF Content

All of JPEF's content is provided free of charge to the public. Our materials are vetted for accuracy by educators and advisors with expertise in Holocaust education, the history of the Jewish partisans, and Jewish Studies. Though we strive for the greatest accuracy and stand by the materials and information provided on our website and in public forums, no guarantees implied or expressed are made about these resources.

Content from JPEF's website can be reused without alteration free of charge. We do request that you credit the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation, as well as the original source for any archival materials (image sources are included where possible for images in our media gallery). 

User-Submitted Reviews, Links, and Comments
We encourage you to use the Community and Downloads sections of each E-Learning course to share teacher tips, favorite resource links, and curricula ideas with other educators. Please observe common standards of civility and appropriateness, keeping in mind that students and the general public also use our website.

JPEF takes no responsibility for user-added content or links to other websites.

If you find any content that you deem inappropriate, offensive, or a possible cyber-security risk, please alert us at info@jewishpartisans.org or via the contact page on our website. 

Additional Terms of Use will be detailed in our forthcoming Terms of Use and Privacy Policy document.


How can I use E-Learning in my classroom?

You can easily modify Resistance Basics, Women in the Partisans, Living and Surviving in the Partisans, and Antisemitism in the Partisans for classroom use by skipping over the teacher-centered content. Here's how:

  1. Preview your course and print out the study guide.
  2. Click 'Turn Questions Off' button (disables quizzes).
  3. Advise students that the course is aimed at training teachers, and to think about how they would teach others about the materials they are about to view.
  4. Play the video from the beginning, skipping past the 'How to Use...' chapter (second-from-last).
  5. Pause from time to time for student questions. When you get to the end of the course, use the discussion questions from the study guide to stimulate further conversation.  

We also offer a  classroom version of Resistance Basics as a playable video. Visit our Films page for more details.

Please tell us how it went -- send your feedback to: elearning@jewishpartisans.org

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